Quo Vadis LLC has partnered with Serena Benedetti to bring you a complete college consultation experience.

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Serena Benedetti, a graduate of Swarthmore College, has enjoyed a successful career as an international operatic soprano and voice teacher. As a lifelong performing artist, she brings her expertise in interpersonal skill building, interviewing, and public speaking to help students present their best selves not only during college interviews but throughout their lives.

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Hyelee Yoon studied English at Wellesley College and then attended the University of Pennsylvania School of Law. She currently works as a Highlands Certified Consultant with Quo Vadis Consulting. She also brings her considerable writing and editing experience to students as a college essay consultant who enjoys helping students brainstorm and craft essays that capture the best of themselves.


Are you new to the college application process? It can feel overwhelming for students and parents alike. Guidance counselors do their best but are often unable to offer the personalized attention that we want for our kids and ourselves. It is also often a stress-filled time for families that can take a toll on parent-child relationships. But it doesn’t have to be. Applying to colleges can actually be a time of growth and learning.

We walk parents and students through the entire process, from strategically filling out your Common App extracurriculars and awards, to finely crafting your college essays, to confidently presenting yourself during college interviews. Our goal is to help you be the best of yourself, not try to be someone else. While getting into the college of your choice may be your current goal, helping you grow in self-knowledge is our goal. Self-knowledge, the foundation of EQ, will not just help you during the college application process but throughout your life.


the common app

Our consultant and the student will identify and discuss all of the student’s extracurricular activities, volunteer time, jobs, leadership positions, and awards in order to strategically order them in a logical and considered manner on the Common App, with the objective of highlighting the student’s priorities and passions.

The Essays

Your grades, scores, extracurriculars, and teacher recommendations are, for the most part, faits accomplis. They paint the outline of who you are. Your personal statement is the only piece you still control and your only opportunity to show a uniquely personal side of yourself. Most students think that help with their college essay consists of organizational and grammatical editing. But poor content can be edited to perfection and still be lackluster, often downright boring. The consultant and student will work together to brainstorm the qualities the student wants to highlight, the stories that best illustrate those qualities, as well as the best metaphor or theme to tie the whole essay together. Often students end up loving their essays and what they discovered about themselves through the brainstorming and writing process.

Most competitive colleges require supplemental essays in addition to the personal statement. Each piece of the college application is important, and the supplemental essays should not be given short shrift. In fact the “Why ____ University/College?” question is one of the most important supplementals according to some admissions officers, because colleges want to admit students who fit into their school culture as much as a student wants to attend a school that fits her personality and interests. Consistent quality across all essays is also crucial.

The Interview

Though the college interview, often with an alumnus, is optional for many colleges, most students opt to be interviewed if the opportunity is available. However most students fail to use this valuable time to their advantage. The goal is to make enough of an impression on the interviewer to inspire him or her to champion your application to the admissions committee. To make such an impression takes more than answering questions. From your first eye contact and handshake, to the flow of the conversation, to the questions you pose to the interviewer, each interaction is an opportunity to present the best of yourself. Through videotaped mock interview sessions, feedback, and coaching, our consultant and the student will work together to achieve greater confidence and comfort so that you can be at your best.

The Complete College Consultation package includes the following:

  • Consulting services for up to 8 colleges

  • 2-hour consultation to strategically fill out the activities and awards sections of the application

  • Essay brainstorming and editing (Common App essay and supplemental essays for up to 8 colleges)

  • 2-hour initial interview assessment

  • 2 follow up interview training sessions

  • The Complete College Consultation package must be purchased at least six weeks prior to the first application deadline. Within six weeks of the deadline, please see our a la carte options. Scheduling your consultation during the summer before senior year is ideal.

  • Valued at $4000 if purchased a la carte

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We strongly recommend the Complete College Consultation package for a comprehensive experience, but we also offer some of our services individually.

essay Consultation

All Essay Consultation services must be scheduled at least three weeks prior to the application deadline. If scheduled within three weeks of the deadline, all prices will be double. Scheduling your consultation during the summer before senior year is ideal.

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Through videotaped mock interview sessions, feedback, and coaching, our consultant and the student will work together to achieve greater confidence and comfort so that you can be at your best.

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