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Welcome to Quo Vadis Consulting LLC. If you are at a crossroads of any kind--wondering what to do after high school or college, frustrated with the direction of your career, or searching for a personal vision for your life--you have come to the right place. Quo vadis, Latin for where are you going, speaks to some of our basic life questions: Is this the best course for my life? Am I going in the right direction? We invite you to start answering such questions by discovering your natural abilities. Because where you are going depends on who you are.


What are natural abilities?

Natural abilities are our hard-wired ways of learning, reasoning, and problem solving. They inform what types of work roles and environments best suit us. One person easily repairs machines but struggles to plan logistics. Another sifts quickly through numbers but finds selling a product to be a challenge. Yet another writes cogently but lacks any musical ability. If our work requires abilities we don't possess, or doesn't use an ability we do possess, we often suffer frustration, boredom, or stress. On the other hand, when we work with our natural abilities, work can flow a lot more naturally. 

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What Is the Highlands Ability Battery?

The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) is the gold standard for testing natural abilities. The bulk of the test is comprised of work samples that are more akin to games than a typical standardized test. There is no math, grammar, or reading comprehension, and no substantive knowledge is required to take it. Despite scores characterized by low-mid-high terminology, HAB results are not like school grades. Just as a low score is preferable in golf and a high score in basketball, a low or high score in an ability is better or worse relative to a particular job. It is the overall pattern of your results that will help guide you on a career path that best suits who you are.

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how will this help me?

One clear pattern emerges from the testimonials of the many clients who have taken the HAB: The earlier in life we know our natural abilities, the wiser our career choices can be. Compare the following two stories: Karen took the HAB as a high school student, discovered she possessed strong structural abilities, decided to attend a larger university over a small liberal arts college to explore those abilities, and ultimately became a successful architect. Diane, always an ace student, attended an Ivy League college then law school before going to work at a top law firm. Unhappy with her work, she took the HAB and discovered that her work didn't use her strongest abilities while demanding use of abilities she did not possess. 

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“The HAB revealed my natural abilities and helped me better understand how I can utilize them in my current job and my personal life. With this new understanding, I feel empowered to make a better environment for myself where I can truly excel.”
— Rebecca L, Designer (Princeton, NJ)

The individual who knows his own aptitudes, and their relative strengths, chooses more intelligently among the world's host of opportunities.

-Johnson O'Connor


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