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Hyelee Yoon, JD & Jeremy Siu, MSW

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We are two people who've been there, done that, and wish we hadn't. We made decisions about colleges and majors, graduate studies and careers, all without really understanding ourselves, and even ignoring what we did know about ourselves. Highlands calls it the Lemming Conspiracy: mindlessly following the herd, whether that be societal or family expectations, without doing the hard work of figuring out who we are and where we are going.

our backgrounds

Jeremy studied Art History at Haverford College, then went on to obtain her Masters in Social Work from the University of Pennsylvania. She worked at the Defender Association of Philadelphia and Children's Hospital of Philadelphia as an advocate for children. Hyelee majored in English at Wellesley College, then went on to complete her law degree at the University of Pennsylvania School of Law. After law school, she clerked for a federal district court judge. We met as graduate students while volunteering for an after-school tutoring program in West Philadelphia founded by Jeremy. It was called Quo Vadis.

Motherhood gave pause to our careers, and the subject of our conversations often turned to how we chose our careers, what we would do differently, and how we could help our children discover their path in life. The Highlands Ability Battery (HAB) was suggested to us by Jeremy's husband, whose company requires senior executives to take the assessment. As lifelong personality test aficionados, we were immediately intrigued by the fact that the HAB was not based on self-reporting techniques (apart from one personal style) but on objective work samples. We both took the HAB and discovered some eye-opening things about ourselves.

what we learned from the Highlands ability battery

Jeremy's ability profile revealed that she had multiple strong driving abilities. She finally understood why she had always felt dissatisfaction despite having pursued her passion for helping people as a social worker: Her profession didn't use some of her strongest driving abilities, in particular her ability for creative and consultative problem solving and prolific idea flow. Social work forced her to work inside narrow, pre-set parameters when her mind was constantly spinning out new, creative solutions to problems. As a Highlands Certified Consultant she has found an ideal way to use both her strong problem-solving abilities as well as her many years of counseling experience to help people at different crossroads in their lives.

What stood out to Hyelee about both her abilities and personal style was that everything centered around people: She was wired to interact with people, whether coaching, communicating, teaching, or facilitating. Her friends and family had always told her to become a counselor, and now she understood the ability patterns that helped her intuit and connect with people easily. She also realized why, despite strong writing and editing skills both legal and otherwise, sitting alone at a desk all day was so tiring. Even the type of writing and editing tasks that best suit her are collaborative and people-oriented, like speech writing or college essay editing. Using her strong communication and people abilities to help others understand their natural abilities as a Highlands Certified Consultant is both an ideal fit and natural passion.

our mission

We both found the Highlands way of understanding our natural abilities so enlightening that we decided we wanted to help our own children, friends, mid-career adults, and as many others as we could. With educational costs on the rise, our children don't have the luxury of casting about aimlessly before making career decisions, wasting time and money going down a path unfit for them. As Highlands Certified Consultants we want to help you to not make the mistakes we made. We want to help you figure out where you are going.