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yes, you have homework!

Congratulations on finishing your Highlands Ability Battery and debrief. We hope you found it helpful and informative. Information, however, is only helpful to the extent that you use it. In order to find the right fit for your next educational or career move, you need to know yourself, and you need to know the job. 

The following assignments will help you both now and in the future as you continue your journey to discover the path that best fits you.

1.  Write out in your own words what you discovered about yourself from your HAB results. What aspects did you find most helpful? For example, I realized that I like to work with people and that I prefer work that has direct, practical results over theoretical ones (high E, low SRT). Or, I realize that with my immediate time frame, I do best with short-term projects, and I can jump from project to project easily (low TF). Or, I realize that with my strong musical ability, I should be involved with music somehow in my life, whether professionally or recreationally (high TM, RM, PD). The more you know about yourself, the better armed you will be to not only be interviewed for a job, but to interview the job to see if it is the right fit for you.

2. Read your Highlands Career Exploration Supplement and research specific careers that pique your interest via the online links provided. Once you have determined some careers that are of interest to you and fit your ability profile, come up with a list of at least five people who work in those careers whom you will be interviewing to gather information about their careers. Take the initiative to ask neighbors, parents' friends, parents of friends, etc. to gather as much real-life information as you can. We are often tempted to skip the hard work of data gathering and surveying. But there are no short cuts. In addition to researching the internet, we need to talk to real people and try out different jobs, whether part-time or volunteer. Especially before an expensive decision like medical or law school, work or volunteer in a hospital or law firm. Don't make the mistake, for instance, of undertaking a law school education without once having spoken with an attorney or stepped inside a law firm or court room. It could be an expensive miscalculation, both time- and money-wise, to say the least.  

3. Keep an interest journal/list. Every time you stop and read an article in a magazine or newsfeed, stop and jot down the topic. When you find yourself enjoying an activity, write it down. Don't look at your journal/list for at least three weeks. Just keep adding to it whenever you realize -- oh this is something that piques my interest, this is an activity I enjoy, this is something I like learning about, etc. Then after about three weeks, look over your entries to see if there are any themes or patterns. Hopefully you will learn more about yourself through this simple exercise and will better know what interests you.

As we journey on in life, we will encounter new life seasons, new challenges, and new opportunities. We hope you will continue to return to your HAB results and what you have discovered about yourself during each turning point of your life. Godspeed.