I found the HAB to be very insightful, and my consultant was so helpful and great at explaining how my results connected with my personal and professional life. I am a mid-career professional going through the typical blasé of the 9-to-5 life. I wasn’t satisfied with my current job but didn’t know how to move forward. The HAB revealed my natural abilities and helped me better understand how I can utilize them in my current job and my personal life. With this new understanding, I feel empowered to make a better environment for myself where I can truly excel. I’ve taken personality tests before, but this is about so much more than your personality, and what was especially valuable was the one-on-one consulting that comes with the test. My consultant truly helped connect the dots that were always there but not always clear. I’ve already recommended it to my family members and friends. I wish I had known about this earlier in my career!

Rebecca L., Designer (Princeton, NJ)

Quo Vadis Consulting was instrumental for our rising senior as he considered major life choices (college, major, and what was important to him). The HAB helped identify concrete examples of abilities that were not known before that were hidden gems for him to discover. More important than the HAB, the debrief session with Quo Vadis consultants to walk through the results, understand the implications, and talk through questions with a real expert was outstanding. The whole process from start to finish helped our son to understand the value of discovering abilities and life choices he will make. Truly, the whole experience was worth the investment and I would recommend Quo Vadis to everyone.

Robert K., Pastor (Ambler, PA)

Initially I looked at the Highlands Ability Battery as just another personality test. I’ve taken several of these tests before and always gotten predictable results. However the unique experience that the HAB provided was the opportunity to talk to a professional, somebody who explained all my results objectively. In addition, the reports not only provided well-organized information but synthesized it all into an interesting directive for my life. I have and will continue to utilize the information provided in the directive. It’s that valuable.

Throughout the process, I was given plenty of instruction by my consultant, which reassured my previous anxiety. I was never in the dark. I felt comfortable talking to my consultant and felt that I could ask any questions because of how well she understood my results. Furthermore, she was practical in their explanations, allowing me and my parents to understand the information with little confusion.

All in all, my knowledge of myself is much more than I would have had without this experience. For those who are unsure of what helps you learn, interact, and succeed, I wholeheartedly recommend diving into the HAB.

Josh O., High School Student (Houston, TX)

We had no idea what to expect when our son decided to embark on a path of discovery with Highlands. He was about to start his senior year of high school and was uncertain about his options for college and career. The test confirmed abilities that we thought our son possessed, gave clarity to what we thought he'd enjoy studying, and provided connections that made sense to us. Our consultant was very knowledgeable, genuine, and has a deep rooted desire to help students and adults use their inherent abilities to their success. I know that our son will be referring back to his Highlands ability profile when making important decisions. The test was definitely worth our time and money, and I recommend it highly to anyone at the cusp of life choices. My husband and I have wondered how differently our lives would have turned out for the better had we had the opportunity to take the HAB when we were younger.

Susan O., Mother of High School Student (Houston, TX)

I was pleasantly surprised at the insights I was provided by my Quo Vadis Consultant.  As the President of a company, it gave me clarity of vision, not only for myself but also for the people who work for me.  The results helped me know what to personally focus on and what to delegate. It also helped me to think more strategically about how to place people within my organization in spots where they can most likely succeed.  I can’t recommend the HAB and Quo Vadis Consulting enough for anyone seeking more clarity on how to move forward with their life.

Albert L., Executive (Columbia, MD)